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Insanity Day Two: That was fun?!?!

Seriously, it really was. Today was Cardio Power & Resistance. I was actually mad every time the video would pause itself (faulty setup) and I’ve have to take a short break for it to correct itself. I wasn’t nearly as shaky during the warmup stretches today.  And while I was in a heavy sweat and couldn’t do all of the sets, I was smiling the whole time because I was having so much FUN.

I really love the fact that the people in the video often look just as warn out as me and have to take breaks.  And I enjoy the sound of Shaun panting heavily as he encourages everyone.  I just love everyone’s energy and attitude.  It really motivates me.

And once again, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

I also have a workout date with my little sister in about an hour and a half so today is a solid twofer. =)

Insanity Day One: Shaun, you’re gonna have to wait.

So, today was my first day of Insanity. I skipped the Fit Test because I’m impatient. (I know, shame on me). Man, was it rough.  But that’s how I am at the beginning of all workout DVDs I’ve ever done so I am not discouraged.  I didn’t do all of the sets.  And I had to take several breaks. (And by breaks I mean a few minutes of me sprawled floor in front of a fan).  But I made it through and I was super pumped about that.

All in all, I’m pleased and sort of looking forward to tomorrow (despite the fact that I know I’ll be extremely sore.

I guess I should take pictures and measurements and all that good stuff for future comparisons? I’ll see what I can do.

Spent about an hour at the gym.

40 mins on the treadmill alternating between walking on an incline and jogging flat.

The rest spend doing high knees, butt kicks, squats, and lunges.

Came home and did arms and abs.

Jogged outside today.

Did at least a half of a mile ( and then had to walk the same distance back).  It doesn’t seem like much but for me this is HUGE because if there’s anything I hate more than running it’s running OUTSIDE (I will occasionally frequent a treadmill though).  But for some reason this morning when I walked out the door to go to the gym, my body led me to the bike trail across the street and I just went with it. 

I should have done some type of abs when I got back, but I ended up just drinking water and eating breakfast. But yay for exercise.

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Day Three: Do I smell pizza?

End of Day Two:  I didn’t end up working out.  Because I was being lazy not really because I didn’t have the energy.  I’ll try to do better tonight but it’s already late.  It’s so hard to stay motivated when I work out in the evening.  And during the day I’m always so full of liquid that I know I would get a cramp.  I guess I just need to buckle down and NIKE (…I’ve been waiting a long time to use that one).

Now Day Three…ooooh day three.

Salt Water Flush: I added some lemon juice to it and it was much easier to get down.  It also came out much quicker.  The girlfriend says it’s because my last meal was slowing it down before.  Either way, I was just glad that it went smoothly (so glad that I was dancing a little while on the toilet).

Weigh In: I was tempted but I didn’t do it to myself.

Lemonade: Still flipping tasty.  I’m beginning to really enjoy the syrup.  I can’t help but to lick the spoon once I’m done adding it to my mixture.

The Day:  I was fine all day.  But then I had a professional development meeting and they had PIZZA!!! Omigosh PIZZA?!!?!! Of all things to give us…they give us pizza.  Why not the bland sandwiches they had every other week?  The ones you can’t smell.  When I walked into that room and was BOMBARDED with that aroma, I almost walked right back out.  It was so strong.  I texted my girlfriend and she talked me through it though.  I didn’t even WANT to consume the pizza.  But the smell was flipping delicious.

Exercise: I’m really going to try to do Supreme 90 tonight.  I don’t know what workout is Day 31 (probably Tabata Inferno >.<).

Conclusion: Overall, today wasn’t any more difficult that any other.  The hardest part was The Pizza.  That threw me for a loop.  I’m kind of concerned about this weekend because I have to go away for my research program.  And on Saturday we’ll be busy ALLLL day.  I think I’m going to just mix up some lemon juice, syrup, and pepper in a small bottle for the day and then just add it to water throughout the day.  I don’t know.  But I’m going to stick to the cleanse because either way I won’t be able to eat what they serve.  My stomach would die.

P.S. One of my apartment mates has decided to do the cleanse as well.  It was so helpful to have someone else at the meeting smelling the pizza and not being able to do anything about it.