Fit, Black, Queen

Jogged outside today.

Did at least a half of a mile ( and then had to walk the same distance back).  It doesn’t seem like much but for me this is HUGE because if there’s anything I hate more than running it’s running OUTSIDE (I will occasionally frequent a treadmill though).  But for some reason this morning when I walked out the door to go to the gym, my body led me to the bike trail across the street and I just went with it. 

I should have done some type of abs when I got back, but I ended up just drinking water and eating breakfast. But yay for exercise.

Feeling out of control again.

Not with eating, as in I want to eat more.  But with NOT eating.  With all of the posts I’m seeing about the “dangers of calorie restricting”, I’m starting to get paranoid and anxious.  I actually almost made an appoint to see a nutritionist of campus.  But then I got worried that I’d start gaining weight if I changed my diet.

It’s not like I’m really restricting myself any more than any other person on a diet. I eat 3 meals a day (except for my busy days) and I always feel full after them.  The only thing I’m really restricting myself from are the sweets and fats that any person on a diet would avoid (and I don’t even do that all too well).  But I do have an average caloric intake well below what’s generally advised.

I think once I’ve reached my UGW, I’ll think about seeing the nutritionist to talk about how to maintain.  But I’m too afraid to go beforehand.

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