Fit, Black, Queen

My Jump Rope Workout (based on 100s).

I start with some general stretches (especially shoulders) and then…

100 slow double bounce hops.

100 slow alternating feet jumps.

100 fast hops.

100 fast jumping-jack jumps.

100 slow criss-cross jumps.

100 fast high knee jumps.

100 fast jump-lunge jumps.

100 fast criss-cross jumps.

100 fast butt-kick jumps.

50 right leg hops, 50 left leg hops (slow double bounce).

100 slow alternating feet humps.

100 slow double bounce hops.

And end with some more stretches.

(This usually takes me about 40 mins.  I’ve found it’s a lot less intimidating for me to concentrate on the numbers instead of the time. And watching TV helps too =D).